extended minila logicanalyzer using COOLRUNNER II

This is my extended minila version using XILINX CoolrunnerII XC2C384-7TQG144C cpld with following extensions.

case coollacoolla casecasecase

There are also adapted binarys of minila_win_0.6.3.
minila512.exe for  the extended 512k SRAM size and a spezial version minilawine512.exe to be used with Winelib ftd2xx to run on Linux with removed LPT support.

Because the cpld is not easy to buy using a XC2C384-10TQG144C will run the design with 60MHz.

For testing now

!!!!Now ready for testing in coolla firmware and collla.exe software
New  switching  time and state analysis button  in  coolla.exe and timebase select for stateanalysis enabled like for timeanalysis. Triggercursor may have wrong position in stateanalysis if  timebase is too slow for signals.

Optimize VHDL design. Optimized timeanalysis firmare should fit into faster XC2C256-6TQG144C cpld 133Mhz expected
A lot of not yet tested options
There is a SN74CB3T multiplexer to do ISP programming the cpld by switching the JTAG data lines and using FTD2232 JTAG mode for programming

Open prepared VCC connections and installing some small wire or solder jumper  to  use XC95288XL cpld. Needs optional external power through  CON1. USB isolation nevertheless recommended  installing alternate DC-DC (IC13) power supply.

More undocumented options!