coolLA logicanalyzer by Wolfgang Rapp 

Mission statement:

Long time I want to build a logicanalyzer and found  amongst others the MINILA project.
Normally I live in a UNIX world Microsoft free environment a long long time.
I deal with USB interfaces and build USB drivers for Linux and later for Windows for several years.
So first I  must to make  sure that the device  must run   on Linux because Win$  normally only boots for 10 minutes a month, especially since  my son catched my MAC and reject his Windows PC.
I must have a look that the a logicanalyzer software run's on Linux but I found no good plain Linux solution. Because I am not a hardliner so this can be done with WINE support also.
As a result from this the replacement of Window DLL's by WINELIB is checked out how it works and I realized it for the FTDI chips.
Second constraint was that the USB must be galvanic isolated to the PC. My first idea to use ADUM1400 isolaters is abandoned if the cheaper and easier solution using ADUM4160 was possible, but it prolongs the development time.
Along with this solution it was clear that the system must run with USB power.
What postulate the solution to replace the minila CPLD by a Coolrunner II witch also brings some more advantages like more macrocells and dual edge flip-flops.